2018 gaadiwaadi reader's choice award

The third running of GaadiWaadi Readers Choice Awards sees 19 categories being listed for readers to cast vote on their favourites

We at Gaadiwaadi welcome you along to the third edition of the Readers Choice Awards with heartfelt gratitude. Here our beloved viewers get to cast their votes on different categories and elect winners. With you being the jury, our public poll has received phenomenal response in the last two years and earned popularity among automobile enthusiasts.

With constant endeavour towards improving the spectacle and listening to our readers, we have included two new categories: Facelift Of The Year and Special Edition Of The Year. However, considering the lack of new competitors, we had to compromise on Hatchback, Utility Vehicle, Green Car and Crossover classes as every poll deserves equal weightage to the participants. We have listed a total of 19 categories for you guys to vote on and the poll will be closed by the midnight of January 10:

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