Volvo Vera Autonomous Truck Without Cab Unveiled


Volvo is expected to introduce the production version of Vera soon as this type of truck will be ideal to work in ports and logistic centres

Volvo has officially unveiled Vera autonomous truck without the cab in Berlin, Germany. Even though Vera is still in concept form, we can expect Volvo to introduce production version soon as this type of truck will be ideal to work in ports and logistic centres as they can program the driving course to the computer.

Like most of the new generation automobiles, the Vera is always connected to a cloud service and everything about the truck can be monitored online. The transport control centre can locate the live location of the truck along with the load content, service requirements and more. The Vera is powered by same electric powertrain, which Volvo debuted earlier this year in FL electric truck.

The company hasn’t given more exact power details, but the FL electric truck is powered by 185 kW electric motor producing maximum power of 130 kW and maximum torque of 425 Nm. This electric motor is mated to new two-speed transmission and it comes with 2-6 lithium ion battery with 100-300 kWh capacity.

According to Volvo, the FL electric truck has a 300 km range. The battery can be topped up in just two hours using 150 kW fast charger and it will take around 10 hours to charge completely using a regular 22 kW AC charger. The pull load capacity of Vera is 32 tonne and it can be fitted to any standard trailer.


One of the problems with combustion engines is that they are loud and working them at night is a disturbance to other people, but these electric trucks will solve this problem as it can drive without any sound. The cost of operation will be much lower compared to current trucks and future electric trucks will come with better range also.

Volvo is not expecting the autonomous truck to replace regular trucks in near future as autonomous technology is not yet reached the level to take over driving completely from humans, but it can work in controlled places like ports. The first electric truck from Volvo will be operated by refuse collection and recycling company Renova and haulage firm TGM.