Volvo Signs Deal With Uber To Supply Thousands Of Autonomous Cars

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Volvo will be supplying a large number of self-driving cars spawn out of the SPA architecture to Uber between 2019 and 2021

Volvo Cars has signed up a deal with the ride sharing company Uber to sell “tens of thousands” of autonomous driving technology compatible vehicles from 2019 and through to 2021. The base vehicles from the Swedish brand’s lineup has been chosen and they are developed on the in-house developed SPA (Scalable Product Architecture).

The company currently employs the SPA platform in its range-topping 90 series models like the V90, S90 and XC90 along with the upcoming XC60 that will be launched soon in India. Volvo says the agreement with Uber is a non-exclusive meaning that we could see similar pacts with other ride hailing marquees in the future.

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The new deal between Volvo and Uber enhances the strategic alliance first announced in August last year and is considered as a new chapter in the bringing conventional car makers and technology companies together. Volvo’s President and Chief Executive, Hakan Samuelsson, has stated that the deal is a primary example of strategic direction.

Apart from that, the agreement is in line with Volvo aiming to be a key supplier of choice for AD ride sharing firms worldwide. The engineers of the two companies have worked closely to develop the XC90 flagship SUVs that are to be provided to Uber. Observing the ride hailing needs, the base vehicles come equipped with necessary safety and core autonomous driving techs required for Uber.

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The expansion of the partnership with Volvo meant that Uber is on course towards producing and utilising self-driving vehicles in large quantities. Volvo will be using the AD compatible cars that are to be provided to Uber for its own independent autonomous fleet. The Gothenburg-based manufacturer has embarked on a new journey already to introduced its first-ever self-driving car in 2021.