Volvo S90 Production Moved to China


Volvo S90 production moved to China; the 40 and 60 series models will be shifted too in the future as a designated car line for three different plants planned

Swedish luxury automaker Volvo has decided to move S90 luxury sedan’s production from Sweden to China. The company will manufacture S90 sedan in Daqing plant in the Heilongjiang province of North East China. Apart from S90, Volvo also plans to shift production of 40 and 60 series models in China in future, which will be built in Chengdu and yet-to-be-finished Luqiao plant.

China is the largest car market in the world, and Volvo’s owner Geely is a Chinese company as well. As the Swedish automaker dreams to manufacture their cars globally, its new strategy to manufacture cars in China will give Volvo more strength in world’s largest car market. Also these made-in-China cars will be exported to overseas markets like US and Europe as well.


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Geely has recently introduced its new car brand Lynk&Co. Once Volvo cars start being manufactured in Chinese plants, the Lynk&Co cars will be built alongside them. These cars will share Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture, and Geely believes this decision will not only reduce production cost, but also leave space for improvement for products.

Speaking about the plan Volvo’s President and Chief Executive Officer Hakan Samuelsson has said that, with three production plants and designated car line for each plant the Swedish automaker will be able to create an efficient production structure. He also believes that, this strategy will help the company for future growth.


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Meanwhile Volvo has revealed two new variants of S90 sedan. The S90 Excellence has been displayed, which incorporated lounge console, which was earlier previewed through Volvo S90 Excellence concept at 2016 Beijing Auto Show. The S90 Excellence doesn’t get a front passenger seat, instead it gets lounge console at that place. It comes with a foldable worktable, built-in touchscreen entertainment system with a large display, a large storage compartment and an adjustable footrest as well which altogether offers premium luxury.


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