Volvo All Electric Vehicle to Come in 2019, Plan to Sell 1 MN Cars by 2025

The Swedish automaker has several hybrid models in its stable


Volvo has always been the pioneer in automotive technology. They have been working on the development of self driving cars, innovative hybrid solutions, but the Swedish luxury automaker is not very much open about their plan on electric cars. The automaker has XC90’s latest version, which gets a hybrid edition called T8 Twin engine version, the V60 gets a plug in hybrid powertrain, but there is no fully electric cars in the company’s lineup.

But now, the Swedish automaker is all set to introduce its first all electric car in 2019. Alongside Volvo will also introduce hybrid versions of every car in its lineup. The Swedish automaker has also plan to introduce an all new Series 40 range of small electric cars. While the fully electric cars are still three years away, the hybrid versions are expected to come by 2017 only. It is not clear, how the Volvo’s first all electric car will look like. But rumor is that, the first Volvo EV will be a sedan, which will be similar to the S60 in size and it will come with a cruising range of more than 483 kilometers. It will directly take on the recently unveiled Tesla Model 3.

Volvo XC90 gets a hybrid powertrain

Apart from developing its first electric vehicle, Volvo also has an ambitious plan to sell around 10 lakh electric cars by the end of 2025. The Swedish automaker has taken up a futuristic plan which is dubbed as the ‘Omtanke’, which means consideration or caring in Swedish. According to this plan, the luxury automaker will contribute to the environment by selling 10 lakh electric cars by 2025, will have 35% of its leading positions held by women only by 2020, which will empower the women. Alongside the automaker has also plan, in which no one should be killed or seriously injured by or in Volvo cars by 2020.

Source: Engadget

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