Volta Zap Electric Bike will Unveil on 5th August in India

Volta Zap India

Volta Zap is the first purpose built crossover E-bike designed for India

Volta Motors is all set to unveil its first purpose built crossover electric bike Volta Zap in India on 5th August. It is also the first crossover electric bike of the country. Post unveiling, the bike will be exclusively displayed at White Orchid Convention Centre Hebbal Bengaluru from 5th August to 7th August.

The company has also announced, that it will offer the interested customers a test ride of the bike. Volta Motors is a start up and the Volta Zap electric bike has been completely designed and developed in India. It followed the ‘Make in India’ campaign thoroughly, while developing and manufacturing the bike. The Volta Zap is fully powered by lithium battery, therefore it doesn’t need any fossil fuel to get propelled.

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The electric mobility concept is growing all around the world. Alongside the car makers the two wheeler manufacturers are also paying attention to this space. Several companies are trying to design and develop electric bike, motorcycles and scooters as well. In India the electric mobility is still in its infant stage. Volta Motors hopes the Zap will be able to stir interest among people.

In India the alarmingly rising air pollution has been a concern. To curb the pollution central government, NGT has been taking several steps. Also the central government is encouraging the electric mobility in the country. No wonder Volta Zap comes as a welcome step in that process. The crossover e-bike has been displayed in several start-up events and fests in Mumbai, Chennai and Vijaywada already.

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The Volta Zap has been designed exclusively keeping the Indian road conditions in mind. This e-bike has been designed to reduce the failures which are seen in the other existing e-bikes in the country. Volta claims the Zap is safe and reliable and economic as well. It weighs only 3 kilogram and offers less than 10 paisa per kilometer. The buyers can avail the central government subsidy while purchasing the Zap.

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The battery used in the bike is the lightest for any e-bike till date. The bike has been built on a box frame. It comes with features like LED reflectors, pedal assist technology. The pedal assist technology enables three full cycle wheel rotation with every single pedal rotation. This feature surely saves the rider’s energy significantly.