Volkswagen Will Launch EV Offensive from 2020

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Volkswagen will launch EV offensive from 2020 as it claims to radically transform in next few years by revealing three-stage strategy

Volkswagen has revealed its ambitious three-stage strategy, through which the company plans to transform itself completely. The German company has confirmed that, it will launch the EV offensive from 2020. Volkswagen not only wants to see itself transformed, but also wants to bring drastic change in the entire world auto industry.

The German company’s new vision is ‘Volkswagen: Moving People Forward’, which it wants to make successful through the ‘TRANSFORM 2025+’ program. As the electric vehicles are about to play a huge role in future mobility, Volkswagen wants to take the leading position in this evolution. For that, it has planned to launch the e-mobility offensive from 2020 onwards and by 2025, the company plans to launch around 30 EV models.

Volkswagen ID Concept 5

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Speaking about its futuristic three-stage strategy, Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess has said, in next few years the company will be changed radically. Very few things will stay as they are now. In the first phase, up to 2020, the German automaker will restructure its core business. In second phase, up to 2025, it plans to take lead in the e-mobility sector with new models and large production volume.

In the final phase, which will begin after 2025, VW has even bigger ambition. It wants to introduce and shape the major transformation in entire world auto industry. The Volkswagen CEO also said, the German brand is not aiming the niche market, but it wants to make electric cars available for general customers around the world. Also, it plans to sell a million EVs per year by 2025.

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As a part of its EV dream, Volkswagen showcased the ID concept at Paris Motor Show this year. It gave us preview of the brand’s first five-door EV hatchback. The production model is expected to come with a 600 km driving range. Apart from this hatchback, VW will also produce a sedan, a SUV, a MPV and a sportscar as well; all powered by electric powertrains.