Volkswagen to Buyback Dieselgate Affected Cars in Two German Cities


Volkswagen has agreed to buy back the Dieselgate affected TDI engine powered cars in Arnsberg and Bayreuth marking first such move in Europe

German auto giant Volkswagen has agreed to buy back some TDI diesel engine powered cars that have been affected by the Dieselgate scam in two cities of its home country. The company will purchase back the affected diesel models in Arnsberg and Bayreuth. This is going to first time the brand will make such move in Europe.

Earlier, in American market the auto manufacturer was forced to buy back the affected diesel cars and offered the affected owners of those cars a hefty compensation. Volkswagen cleared that it won’t offer the compensation and buy back scheme to other customers in other countries. It only committed to fix the cheating software with a recall program. But as it seems, the company had to change its strategy in front of massive pressure from the authorities in its home market.

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However, the company is preparing to use its right to appeal unjustified customer complaints in future. Interestingly, despite Volkswagen ready to initiate the buyback offer in two German cities, the scenarios are pretty different in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

In US market, the company has already agreed to pay approximately $25 billion including different taxes, compensations and fines. While it has repeatedly claimed that it didn’t break any law in European market and therefore doesn’t need to compensate the TDI owners in the continent.

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Now, a large number of Volkswagen owners from UK and Netherlands too are demanding compensations from the German manufacturer. Around 140,000 affected customers have already signed petition claiming the compensation and the number is expected to grow to 222,000 soon. It is expected that around 8.5 million customers have been affected in Europe only by Volkswagen’s emission cheating software scandal. The company has been facing several lawsuits and slapped with hefty fine amounts by several authorities in different countries like South Korea, Italy etc.