Volkswagen Ties Up With Nvidia to Develop Artificial Intelligence

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Nvidia has also partnered with Volvo and Autoliv to develop futuristic autonomous car technology

German automobile giant Volkswagen has tied up with US-based tech firm Nvidia to develop artificial intelligence for future vehicles. The German company will use this technology in its future cars as it appears. Interestingly, Nvidia has also partnered with Swedish luxury automaker Volvo along with the Sweden based auto supplier Autoliv to develop self-driving car technology.

The Nvidia developed self-driving technology enabled cars will be available in market from 2021. Expect the American company’s experience in developing autonomous driving technology to be implemented in the artificial intelligence system to be developed jointly by Volkswagen and Nvidia. The chipmaker will develop the deep learning software for Volkswagen that could be used to manage traffic flows or make it easier for humans to interact with their cars in future.

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As Volkswagen claims, the artificial intelligence will play a crucial role for the futuristic digitalised technology for its cars, Nvidia developed software will play a very important role for that. As the German auto major claims, the partnership between these two companies is a major step forward toward this direction.

Nvidia has a vast knowledge in the computer gaming industry. Apart from that, it also designs graphics processing chips. In recent years, the company has showed interest in becoming a key player in the automotive technology sector as well. On the other hand, Volkswagen has been working on the futuristic self-driving technology for quite some time and with this partnership, the automaker is expanding its expert knowledge base.

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Volkswagen has been focusing on several new fields in the automotive sector like the electric powertrain technology, smart car technology. The brand has cleared its ambition towards rolling out a sizeable number of all-electric cards by 2025 in an attempt to minimize the environment pollution spread by cars. Apart from that, it is also focusing on shared mobility as well.

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