Volkswagen Planning EV Assault with 3 Platforms and 30 Models


Volkswagen planning EV assault with 3 platforms and 30 models; to bounce back from Dieselgate scandal Volkswagen is relying electric vehicles

German auto manufacturer Volkswagen is planning an EV assault with 3 platforms which will house a total of 30 models. The company is chalking out a futuristic plan called ‘Strategy 2025’. The company’s image has been shattered due to the Dieselgate scandal all around the world. Now to bounce back Volkswagen is heavily relying on electric vehicles.

Reports suggest, that these three EV platforms will be modular designed. This way the company can minimize the cost and produce multiple EV cars with variable body types based on these three platforms. Though the company plans to introduce three different platforms, but till now it has manufactured one of them. The MEB or Modular Electric Toolkit is one of the EV platform. This houses the Volkswagen Budd-e Concept, which was showcased earlier this year.


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The Volkswagen Budd-e Concept supposed to be the first all electric mini bus, once it hits the production. Meanwhile Tesla is also gearing up to launch its own EV mini bus. The Budd-e Concept gets power from a lithium ion battery pack combined with two electric motors churning out power for both the front and rear wheels.

Volkswagen claims, this concept can cruise up to 374 kilometers with a single full charged battery. The concept also gets a quick charge facility. The German automaker also claims, the range would increase, once the production starts.


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Last year the Dieselgate scandal rocked the entire automotive world. Volkswagen’s popular TDI engines were found fitted with emission cheating software. With the help of this software the TDI diesel engines were able to hide the actual emission figures during controlled lab test environments. At times the actual emission level were 40% higher than the permitted level.

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Right after the scandal came into light several countries began probe against the German automaker. It was found, that several Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche models were being sold with the emission cheating software. Due to the scandal the automaker’s image was severely hampered.

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