Volkswagen Owners Stripping Cars before Buyback in the US

Volkswagen Owners Stripping Cars before Buyback in the US

Dieselgate affected Volkswagen owners stripping cars before buyback in the US; they can simply return them in exchange for market value

Volkswagen is working on different fixes for several models affected by Dieselgate scam in the US. It also offers a comprehensive buyback scheme for the owners of affected VW diesel cars. In this scheme the owners can simply return their car to VW dealerships in exchange for the market value of the model. As it seems, several owners are in process to make the most of it.

Jalopnik reports many customers in US are removing parts of their cars before returning them to dealerships. The condition in buyback scheme is that the vehicle has to be ‘operable’ for it to be returned. This means the 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine has to be in working condition and able to run the car.


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In the image, a Volkswagen Golf TDI is seen with its front fascia and headlamps removed by the owner before returning it. Interestingly, the car was accepted by the dealership and the owner received a check of $21,436 (Rs. 14.52 lakh). So far, several owners of affected VW diesel cars have reportedly followed the same path. They removed several parts of their cars and making money by selling those.

Dieselgate has been the biggest scam in the world automotive history. It was first broke in US and later the company was found cheating emission tests in several other countries as well. Not only Volkswagen, but Audi and Porsche cars were also found with emission cheating software fitted.


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In US, Volkswagen agreed to pay the affected customers compensation along with fixing the affected diesel models. Also the German company is offering buyback, but in several other countries it is reluctant to give compensation to the affected owners. Also, the Dieselgate has forced the brand to swiftly move towards electric vehicle development, which the company calls Vision 2025. Under this project, it wants to roll out around 30 EV models by 2025.
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