Will Volkswagen’s Latin American SUV Come To India?


Volkswagen to build a compact SUV based on MQB architecture; to be produced in Argentina

Volkswagen has confirmed a new compact SUV for the Latin American market that will be underpinned by MQB architecture. The new SUV will be produced in Argentina and sold in several Latin American markets. Being a highly price sensitive market similar to Latin America, this SUV could be a very practical model for Indian market.

The SUV will be based on an affordable version of the modular MQB architecture that will also house several other models as well. The same platform seems very much practical for Indian market. Considering the fact that Volkswagen aims to grow in domestic market, this engine and this new compact SUV could be arriving here as well. However, there is no such confirmation yet from the German brand and this is just a speculation.


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Interestingly, both Volkswagen and Skoda are relying on Eco platform for their future vehicles meant for Indian market. As we reported earlier, Skoda is already working on an entry level premium SUV for the domestic market and this will be positioned below upcoming Karoq SUV. This new SUV will be based on a low-cost variant of MQB architecture that will be used for future Volkswagen models too. We can assume this same platform is to be used for Latin American market-spec model.

The new generation Indian customers are showing keen interest towards premium cars. At the same time, price sensitiveness also manipulates the country market. Considering both these factors VW is aiming to become affordable premium car brand here. As SUVs are generating large sum of revenue for the automakers around the world in India, the new compact SUV seems perfect model for emerging markets that also include our country.


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As the auto major says, it is laying foundations for the brand’s growth on international markets keeping its Transformation 2025+ strategy in focus. Latin America is going to play a crucial role for the company’s global growth and this compact SUV is one of the 20 models to be launched there by 2020.
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