Volkswagen Golf TSI Bluemotion Caught Testing in India

Volkswagen Golf TSI Bluemotion India Spyshots (1)

Volkswagen Golf TSI Bluemotion is much bigger than most compact sedans in our market, prices will start around 9 lakhs if launched in India

The seventh generation Golf worldwide is known for the awards it wins every year because of the technology, space, practicality and efficiency, the car shows in every single way. India cannot get these super premium hatches because people like a boot stick on their cars at that price. Even enthusiast has same demand so manufacturers from across the world gave us the compact sedan category.

7th Generation Volkswagen Golf caught testing here is 1.0 litre TSI Bluemotion variant which is powered by a three cylinder petrol turbocharged engine churning out 115 PS power and 200 Nm torque from its engine. The engine goes against the might Ford’s Ecoboost engine which continues win awards even after years of inception.

Volkswagen Golf TSI Bluemotion India Spyshots (3)

The engine comes paired to either a 6-speed manual or to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. Bluemotion means high concentrating on fuel efficiency numbers so it gets special tyres, sits slightly lower than the standard Golf and is more aerodynamic. Claimed fuel efficiency numbers stand at 23.25 km/l. Golf is no joke when it comes to performance as it can still 100 around 10 seconds and the top speed stands at 204 km/hr.

Volkswagen Golf TSI Bluemotion India Spyshots (2)

Seventh Generation Volkswagen Golf is built on the new Volkswagen MQB platform. The Golf is the donor car for the Audi A3, New Skoda Octavia and upcoming A4 as well. Just to give you an idea of the dimensions, the Seventh Generation Volkswagen Golf is 4255 mm in length, 1790 mm in width and 1452 mm in height.

The wheelbase of 2637 mm is way above normal hatchback or even compact sedans in India and resembles to cars like Volkswagen Vento and its rival. Golf will only come to India when the mindset changes and we become truly more practical when it comes to cars and not treat them 4 lakh as a luxury item. Truth is always bitter.

Source – Powerdrift

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