Volkswagen Unveils New Electric Minibus For Ride Hailing Service


VW’s Moia division unveiled the six-seater electric minibus; 200 units to launch initially in Hamburg

Volkswagen AG’s Moia division has unveiled a six-seater zero emission all-electric minibus that has been designed for an app-based ride-hailing service, which will compete with Uber. The bus will start operating in Hamburg in the second half of next year. Initially, the company will roll out 200 units of the bus in Hamburg and the number will gradually increase to 1,000 units.

Not only in Hamburg, Volkswagen’s Moia division has plans to expand the service across the world. The company hopes to replace one million cars across Europe and US cities by 2025. With this initiative, Volkswagen aims to grab a large chunk of the world EV market. This comes as part of the brand’s strategy to become a global giant in the electric vehicle market.


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These electric minibuses will come with fast internet access for the passengers. The seats will get individual reading lights as well as USB ports for charging smartphones or tabs. The vehicle has been developed in association with VW’s light commercial vehicle division. The vehicle comes with a range of 300 kilometre and it has a fast charging facility. Thanks to this technology, its battery can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Moia has already confirmed that it will hire drivers for its app-based ride hailing service. Also, the company aims to sell the electric powered minibuses to fleet operators as well as civic bodies. The company hopes introduction of this electric minibus fleet will help in reducing the air pollution significantly.


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While just a few years ago Volkswagen was not exploring such possibilities, after Dieselgate scandal, the German auto manufacturer is mulling various options to salvage its brand image as well as to grow business. While making vehicles remains the core business of the company, launching ride hailing service could be another way to grow business and generate revenue at the same time. It will give the company a chance to boost its commercial vehicle business as well along with helping in research and development of electric powertrain technology.

Volkswagen AG set up the new brand Moia a year ago keeping focus on the ride-sharing business. This was launched as the 13th brand of the group. The electric minibuses will come bearing the nameplate of Moia only.

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