Volkswagen Plans Launching Three Pure Electric Vehicles Next Year

India Bound Audi E Tron

While outlining the electric future, Volkswagen Group has confirmed that it will continue to concentrate on diesel-powered cars

Just over a week ago, Volkswagen has hosted its yearly media conference in Germany capital of Berlin where some of its future plans were revealed – most related to its zero-emission strategies. The brand’s CEO Matthias Müller has confirmed that nine new vehicles will be added to the VW Group’s electrified lineup of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Of them, three will be pure electric models. The recently unveiled Audi E-Tron at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show will likely be one of those three EVs but Volkswagen has not specified the exact models yet. While they will be the main highlights, Müller has stated the VW Group will be introducing a new EV virtually every month starting from next year.


The rolling out of vehicles will happen rapidly as the automotive conglomerate intends to provide a big fleet of electric vehicles to different parts of the world in just a few years’ time. While the future is undoubtedly electric, Volkswagen is committed to diesel engines despite the altercations emerged due to emission cheating scandal.

According to Volkswagen, oil-burners are parts of the solution and not the problem. About $ 24.8 billion is invested into the conventional vehicle and drive portfolio across the globe this year while another $ 111.6 billion will be banked in over the next half decade.

VW ID Vizzion Concept

Courtesy of mobility changes in the future due to the enhancements in autonomous driving technology, the brand is embracing the switch as the SEDRIC concept is heading into production lines. Its definitive timeline is not known yet but Müller said it will be one of the promising products waiting in the wings.

Besides letting people know of its future preparations, Volkswagen has also said that 10.7 million vehicles were delivered last year and the group sales revenue has reached a new record of $ 286.1 billion. After further required deductions, it is said to be the best operating profit ever from the German group.