Volkswagen Dieselgate Violated Consumer Laws in 20 Countries


Volkswagen dieselgate violated consumer laws in 20 countries; European Union is taking co-ordinated action against the German manufacturer

Volkswagen’s trouble with Dieselgate is not getting over very soon, as it seems. It is found, that the German auto manufacturer has breached the consumer laws in 20 countries under the European Union with its emission cheating device in the TDI diesel engine powered cars. The European Union is taking a co-ordinated action against the automaker, which would lead to a hefty fine as penalty.

The Dieselgate scam was first found in US in September 2015, when the TDI diesel engines were discovered with the emission cheating software. The scam immediately created ripple across the world and several countries across the globe started investigation against the car maker. Recently South Korea has banned registration of many VW group cars, while in America the company is recalling and repairing the affected vehicles. Also VW is compensating the affected owners in US.


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In Europe too the German group sold cars which breached the emission rule in several countries. But earlier Volkswagen rejected the appeal to compensate the European VW owners who have been affected by the Dieselgate. Now as the automaker has breached the consumer laws in 20 European countries, it is to be seen what they do.

The Consumer Commissioner of European Union, Vera Jourova has already written to the consumer associates across the EU to gather information against the breaching of consumer laws in respective countries. She is also meeting the representatives this week to get a US like settlement from the automaker, which might see a compensation for the affected European VW owners.


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In India too Volkswagen vehicles were found to be cheating the emission norms in the country. Alongside the VW cars, the Skoda and Audi vehicles with TDI diesel engines were also found fitted with the emission cheating device. The company later initiated recall program to fix the affected engines.