“Volkswagen Dieselgate” Documentary Film to be Made by Oscar Nominee

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“Volkswagen Dieselgate” documentary film will be made by Oscar nominee and the chairman of a retail chain consisting 17 Volkswagen dealerships, Steve Kalafer

When film producer and three time Academy Award nominee Steve Kalafer went to Volkswagen to discuss about his new documentary on Volkswagen Dieselgate, the German company bosses asked him, why he has been doing this? Steve’s answer was straight; “To tell the truth.”

Well certainly another human being not happy with the famous German brand being a cheater. Interestingly, Steve also works as a car dealer, and here’s another twist. He is the chairman of a retail chain Flemington Car and Truck Country, which has a total of 17 Volkswagen dealerships. With the development of Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scam he was truly unhappy, which drove him to make the documentary on the scam, “Backfire: The VW Fraud of The Century”.

Volkswagen using a cheating device fitted to their TDI diesel engines first came into light in late 2015 in the US. It became such an issue worldwide, almost every other country ordered probe against the brand, and it was revealed that the German brand used such cheating device in their cars vehemently.

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Using this device the cars can cheat the emission tests, as in a controlled environment the cars were emitting very low amount of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), than they actually do. After the scandal came into light, the company constantly tried to deny the usage of such device, although that couldn’t resist the truth from coming out. As a result the sales have dropped and the brand’s image was affected as well.

Steve Kalafer is one of the so many peoples, who felt betrayed by this move from the German brand, so he decided to make the film. He directly accuses the Volkswagen bosses for being silent on the issue of offering compensation to the customers and the dealers as well.

Steve also thinks, Volkswagen has not only cheated the customers and violated the emission norms, but they also thrown the single point dealers and their family’s reputation and investment to the gutter without any conscience. The documentary might go on air as a single piece or as a series as well. But, one thing is very much certain; this documentary will cause the German brand more headache.

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