Volkswagen ‘Das Auto’ Tagline Removed In the Midst of Diesel Gate Fiasco

Volkswagen IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 - tiguan 2016 GTE plug in hybrid

Volkswagen ‘Das Auto’ the famous tagline of the company is set to be replaced in some time

Volkswagen is in deep trouble worldwide with the diesel gate scam that made the world take notice on what the German manufacturer and its engineers did in the USA. Diesel gate scam affected eleven million vehicles worldwide which include India, Europe and the USA. Diesel works in India and Europe the most and hence the severity of this case was higher however, EPA of the USA strict and very tight norms very highly compromised, almost 40 times hence the fiasco was this big.

To make sure this does not affect the future of the manufacturer in any way possible, it has publicly announced it will gain back the trust of owners, customers, fans, dealers and the government. VW made sure it is solving this problem which they just by coming out with a simple and cost-effective solution to the problem and recall officially begins in the next year, which will cost VW billions of dollars for which it has announced it can sell away the brands from the portfolio. Niche brands such as Ducati, Lamborghini and Bentley.

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Volkswagen is also silently killed the tagline DAS AUTO and will come up with a new tagline some time in the future, but as of now and till the diesel gate scam recall is 100% complete. VW will come up with a new tagline which helps them back into the market with the all the buzz and happening that was witnessed in a negative when this scam broke out, but this time in a positive way.

We think Audi, its closet’s brand connected to this brand could see a change in some way or the other. Meanwhile, Skoda and Porsche should get away with this without much hustle.

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