Volkswagen Axing the Iconic Volkswagen Beetle Permanently in 2018?

Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the most popular and most iconic cars of all time in world automotive history

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As it seems Volkswagen might axe the iconic Beetle by the end of 2018. Introduced in 1938, this has been the first “People’s Car” of the world. It is also the most iconic and most popular car of all time in the world automotive history. Earlier Volkswagen phased out this car in 2003, later they introduced the next generation Beetle although. Therefore the Beetle is going for its second retirement in 2018.

So what could be the possible reason behind the axing of this car? As it seems, it’s again the infamous ‘Dieselgate’, for which the German automaker is paying some hefty price. Now to get back in business strongly, the automaker needs lots of money. In that attempt Beetle seems not so fruitful model, as it doesn’t sold many units at present time. Although Volkswagen has been trying to spice up the model by launching special editions, but that’s probably not enough.

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Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the most iconic car of all time in the world

In that case the German automaker will manufacture CUVs and SUVs, which are the recent trend in the automotive market. These CUVs and SUVs are expected to bring in cash for the company. Well, it might be a viable and practical solution for Volkswagen, but it might cause pain for many Beetle lovers across the world who admire the beauty and old charm of the small cute looking car.

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If Volkswagen phases out the Beetle in 2018, it will be the second retirement for the car

Manufacturing CUV or SUV to bring in cash and revive the company is nothing new in automobile industry. As few months back, we saw the Maserati rolled out their first ever SUV Levante. More than introducing a new model to the market, it was an attempt from the Italian automaker to bring in some much needed cash. Bentley took the same route last year with the Bentayga. Other famous automakers like Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce are also all set to roll out SUVs. Even the large automakers like BMW and Mercedes Benz are also bringing in new vehicles like crossover coupes, which is a completely new trend.

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