Vladimir Putin’s Official Chauffer Killed in Horror Crash : Video

Vladimir Putin’s official chauffer killed in horror crash as a Mercedes CLS slams head-on into the President’s BMW 7-Series

Horror footage of the dramatic crash between a Mercedes CLS driver and Vladimir Puntin’s official chauffer has been released by Russian media. In the footage, it can be seen that the Russian President’s official black BMW 7-Series has been moving down the highway before another vehicle ramps on to it.

The lethal crash has been reported to have happened because the Mercedes CLS crossed out of nowhere from the opposite side of the road suddenly and crashed hard. The head-on collision did not luckily have the Russian president onboard but as described the crash resulted in his ‘favourite driver’ being killed on the spot.

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Medical assistants rushed to the accident scene immediately after the terrible clash unfolded on the Kutuzovsky Avenue but the BMW driver who had been the victim of the collision was announced dead on impact. The driver’s name has not been revealed yet but he was said to have experience of over four decades as an official driver.

The Mercedes CLS driver who caused collision in the first place was driving alone during impact and had been taken to hospital by medics in critical condition. Police have confirmed that the investigation on the accident is currently undergoing but no further information has been revealed. The totaled limousine was officially registered belonging to the Federal Council which is also called as Russian Senate or Upper Chamber of Parliament.

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The Kutuzovsky Avenue was closed following the crash and therefore passers suffered from heavy traffic jams for several hours during clearing processes. During the time of the accident, Mr. Putin was in China attending the G20 summit as he had been having meetings with US and Chinese presidents.