2023 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Launched – New Colours & Features


2023 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 has gained three new colours namely Aurora Blue, Aurora Black and Aurora Green along with a host of new features

Royal Enfield introduced the Meteor 350 in late 2020 across three variants namely Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. The first motorcycle based on the J-series engine platform really set the tone for the new 350 cc range as the Classic 350, Hunter 350 and Bullet 350 have also been well received by customers due to their good fit and finish and a refined engine package.

The 350 cc cruiser used to be offered in 13 different colour schemes: Black Custom, Silver Custom, Fireball Red, Supernova Red, Fireball Blue, Stellar Red, Fireball Matt Green, White Custom, Stellar Black, Supernova Blue, Fireball Yellow, Stellar Blue, Supernova Brown. Now, targeting more buyers during the festive season, Royal Enfield has added three new paint schemes and included new features with price hikes ranging between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 4,000.

They are Aurora Blue, Aurora Black and Aurora Green. Priced Rs. 10,000 cheaper than the Supernova Red and Supernova Blue shades at Rs. 2,19,900 each, they are Rs. 4,000 dearer than the Stellar Blue, Stellar Black and Stellar Red colours. The Fireball Black, Fireball Blue, Fireball Matte Green, and Fireball Red cost Rs. 2,05,900 each (all prices, ex-showroom Chennai).


The homegrown manufacturer has carried over the Supernova Red and Supernova Blue colours but the Supernova Brown is no more. In a similar fashion, the Black Custom, Silver Custom, and White Custom shades have been let go as Royal Enfield has the Meteor 350 available with 12 colours instead of 13 previously.

The Fireball Black has replaced the Fireball Yellow in the base trim. The new Aurora series adorns a two-tone blue and white finish on the Aurora Blue, a light green and pale yellow finish on the Aurora Green and a grey/black combination on the Aurora Black. With no performance changes, the familiar 349 cc single-cylinder OHC air- and oil-cooled engine is utilised.


The updated 2023 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Aurora range comes with a chrome-finished engine, spoked wheels with tube-type tyres, a GMA touring seat, an LED headlamp and aluminium switch cubes. The Supernova series gets an LED headlamp and aluminium switch cubes as well while the Stellar features Tripper Navigation system as standard this time around.