Updated 2023 KTM 390 & 250 Adventure Launching Soon

MY22 KTM Adventure 390

Coming soon are KTM 390 Adventure and 250 Adventure models with reduced seat heights and lowered suspension; the 390 Adventure with wire-spoke wheels also on the cards

One of the most thrilling bike options is the KTM 390 Adventure and 250 Adventure in the Adventure bike category. Both bikes have well-received a good response from its buyers. But, there is a crucial component that turns off some potential clients. The KTM 390 Adventure and 250 Adventure have seats that are 855mm high.

It’s quite lofty for somebody of normal height with this seat height. And as a result, some are forced to utilise the unconfident tip-toeing style. KTM has therefore developed a solution for this. They are introducing a new model with a low seat height, and it is possible that it may go on sale soon.

Low Seat Height Variant for the KTM 390 Adventure and 250 Adventure

2022 KTM 390 Adventure wallpaper

KTM has been putting considerable effort into developing this low-seat-height version of the 390 Adventure and 250 Adventure. The motorbike manufacturer had really added lower rear suspension parts. To test them out and get client feedback, this was done for a few motorcycles. Spy images of a motorbike at KTM Andheri in Mumbai recently surfaced. Closer inspection reveals that it might have been among the first dealerships to get the low-seat motorcycle.

KTM 390 Adventure with Wire-Spoke Rim

It appears that KTM also intends to introduce the 390 Adventure in a new wire-spoke-wheel configuration in addition to the low-seat-height option. For those looking for a KTM 390 Adventure with greater off-road capability, this is the ideal option. KTM 390 Adventure has been showcased recently in the international markets where it is expected to include adjustable suspension features. However, we are unsure if KTM will provide the same for the Indian market.

More Customers For 390/250 ADV Now

It is now expected that the 390/250 ADV will be easier to use because of its lower seat height. However, KTM has not yet made public the precise height or other details of the lowered model. Definitely, most adventure bike lovers will wait for its launch and it is expected that both models will be a hit in the market since the issues will be taken care of.

Currently, KTM 390 Adventure’s price starts at Rs. 3.35 Lakh which is Rs. 92,805 costlier than the base model of the KTM 250 Adventure which is priced at Rs. 2.42 Lakh.