Upcoming Off-Road SUVs In 2024: Thar 5-Door, Gurkha 5-Door

mahindra 5-door thar rendering-2
Rendered Image

The highly anticipated Mahindra Thar 5-door and Force Gurkha 5-door are set to launch in 2024, adding new options to the market for off-road enthusiasts

The year 2024 marks a significant year for off-road enthusiasts with the introduction of two highly anticipated 5-door SUVs: the Mahindra Thar and the Force Gurkha. Both vehicles will offer distinct advantages, catering to specific consumer needs and preferences.

That said, they will have plenty of commonalities, like excellent off-road capability with 4×4 drivetrain, deciding between them a delightful dilemma. Let’s peak at the available details:

1. Mahindra Thar 5-Door


Scheduled for a mid-2024 launch, the Thar 5-door presents a strategic expansion of the renowned Thar family. This iteration addresses the demand for increased passenger and cargo capacity while maintaining the Thar’s established off-road prowess. While details regarding powertrain options remain hidden, speculations suggest a diverse selection. We expect 2.0L turbo-petrol and 2.0L turbo-diesel options, along with an all-electric powertrain.

The Thar 5-door is expected to offer a feature-rich interior inspired by the futuristic Thar EV concept. Expect a larger touchscreen for the infotainment, a digital driver’s display, and plenty of other features designed to enhance both driver and passenger comfort and functionality. Notably, the 5-door Thar will be manufactured on a dedicated production line, ensuring it does not impact the existing delivery timeline of the 3-door model.

2. Force Gurkha 5-Door

The renowned Force Gurkha, known for its utilitarian approach to off-road driving, is preparing to unveil its 5-door variant. Anticipated for a launch in late 2024, the Gurkha 5-door boasts larger dimensions compared to its 3-door counterpart, evident in the spy pics. Other changes to the design include new alloy wheels, no roof rack, restyled taillights and headlights, etc.

2021 Force Gurkha 2
3-Door Force Gurkha

Prioritizing practicality, the Gurkha 5-door adopts a three-row seating configuration, likely accommodating 6 to 7 people. While the interior design is expected to remain largely unchanged compared to the 3-door model, one notable upgrade would be the electronic 4WD selector, replacing the old manual system.

The 5-door Gurkha is likely to offer essential features such as a touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, air conditioning, safety features, and parking assistance. The familiar 2.6-litre diesel engine will be offered under the hood, possibly in a higher state of tune, paired with the proven 5-speed manual transmission and 4WD system.