Upcoming MG Hector SUV Vs Tata Harrier SUV – Specs Comparison

MG Hector Vs Tata Harrier

The upcoming MG Hector is going to be launched next month in 12L to 17L price segment, to rival Tata Harrier, Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta

MG Motors officially revealed its first vehicle ‘Hector’ in India and it will be launched next month. The Hector will be manufactured at the MG’s Halol plant in Gujarat, which the company bought from General Motors. The upcoming SUV is expected to be localised heavily to keep pricing low and in this article, we are comparing the new Hector SUV against the recently launched Tata Harrier which likely to be the main rival of it and both cars get Fiat sourced 2.0L diesel engine.

MG Hector SUV Vs Tata Harrier Design Comparison

MG Hector is basically the rebadged Baojun 530 from China but the British manufacturer has made some changes as the front grille of Hector is new and it is in line with other MG models. Like most of the modern cars, the SUV gets split headlamps and the design gives the impression of a big luxury SUV. The rear gets LED tail lamps and it is one of the best-looking parts of the design.

The Harrier, on the other hand, follows the same design theme as the concept version, which made its debut at the Auto Expo 2018. Like the Hector, Tata Motors has also given a split headlamp set up and LED tail lamps. The Harrier also looks muscular SUV but both models look completely different. Design is subjective and we can’t conclude that one design is better than other.

MG Hector Premium SUV red

MG Hector SUV Vs Tata Harrier Dimension Comparison

MG Hector measures 4655 mm length, 1835 mm width, 1760 mm height and 2750 mm wheelbase. In comparison, the Harrier measures 4598 mm length, 1894 mm width, 1706 mm height and 2741 mm wheelbase. The Harrier is slightly shorter compared to Hector but it is wider while the Hector is taller but wheelbase difference between both models is minor. The ground clearance of Harrier is more compared to Hector. Like Tata Motors, MG is also offering the Hector as a 5-seater. The overall, interior space of both models is expected to be similar.

Dimensions MG Hector Tata Harrier
Length 4655 mm 4598 mm
Width 1835 mm 1894 mm
Height 1760 mm 1706 mm
Wheelbase 2750 mm 2741 mm
Ground Clearance 192 mm 205 mm

MG Hector Vs Tata Harrier Interior and Features Comparison

Both Tata Motors and MG has given a modern look interior but among the two, the Hector dashboard design looks futuristic with a big vertically placed touch screen infotainment system compared to the tablet-like system on the Harrier. The infotainment system on the Hector is much more advanced than Harrier as it is India’s first Internet car.

interior MG Hector Premium SUV

MG offers internet connectivity for the system using an e-SIM and lots of functions can be controlled through the smartphone as it is not available with Harrier. In terms of features also, Hector is superior as it offers sunroof, fully digital instrument cluster, electric hand brake, tyre-pressure monitoring system, 360-degree camera, ambient lighting and more. So in terms of features and interior, the Hector is better than Harrier.
tata harrier interior

MG Hector SUV Vs Tata Harrier Engine Comparison

MG also has an advantage in engine lineup as the company offers both petrol and diesel engine with Hector along with an automatic option as Harrier is available only with diesel and manual transmission configuration. The Hector is also India’s first car to come with a 48 Volt hybrid system as it improves efficiency by 12 per cent.

The petrol engine on Hector is a 1.5 L unit with 143 PS of power and 250 Nm, mated to a 6-speed manual and DCT gearbox. The diesel engine is the same for both models but Harrier and Hector get different running as the 2.0 L engine on former puts out 170 PS and 350 Nm while the latter produces 140 PS and 350 Nm. The gearbox on both models is the 6-speed MT.


MG Hector SUV Vs Tata Harrier Efficiency Comparison

According to MG, the petrol engine on Hector returns 14.16 km/l for the manual model and 13.96 km/l for the automatic model. The diesel engine on the Hector gives 17.4 Km/l and the Harrier returns 16.7 km/l with the same Fiat-sourced 2.0L diesel engine. So the Hector is more efficient than Harrier.

MG Hector SUV Vs Tata Harrier Comparison Verdict

MG is yet to reveal the price of Hector and it is going to be crucial for the success of the SUV but its expected price should be around from 11.9L to 16.9 Lakh as it is expected to undercut the Tata Harrier price. In terms of dimensions, interior, features, engine and efficiency, the Hector is bigger and better than Harrier. But the final verdict can be only taken once the company announce its prices next month.