Unhappy With Car & Service, Owner Blows Up Tesla Model S – Video

Tesla Model S blown up

The Tesla in question was blown up using 30 kg of dynamite, and the explosion was filmed in great detail through high-speed cameras

In a bizarre incident in Finland, a Tesla Model S was blown to bits by its owner – Tuomas Katainen – over a massive potential repair bill. The entire explosive ordeal was captured on video and shared online by Beyond the press and Pommijätkät. Thankfully, the people responsible for the explosion had a lot of safety measures in place, so the event could be as entertaining as possible without causing injury.

The explosives are all stuck to the left side of the car, to ensure that the blast throws the car in just one direction. Firstly, a few small charges are set off all around the car, which break the windows, dislodge the hood, etc. After that comes the “big boom”, which shatters the car into a million pieces.

The explosion was quite loud and violent, and regular cameras managed to only capture minor details of the explosion. The shockwave was so powerful that it knocked out the power supply to a wide-angle high-speed camera, although other high-speed cameras managed to capture the event. To prevent a catastrophe, the battery pack of the car was removed beforehand, along with many other parts.

The reason behind this is not entertainment, but anger. The owner of the car reveals in the video that the Model S in question had issues with the battery. When the battery first died, the owner took it to a mechanic, but the car developed another problem later. The owner then took it to a Tesla service centre, but the guys there were allegedly not happy about the car previously being fixed by outside help.

The service centre guys alleged that the vehicle was likely imported from the US by the owner, and not bought through the Tesla dealership, which they did not appreciate. The service centre was unable to fix the problem for a month, and they suggested changing the entire battery pack instead. However, that would be without any warranty or guarantee, and that too with a massive cost – 20,000 Euros.

Tesla Model S blown up aftermath

Fed up with the faulty car and the service centre’s inability to fix it, Tuomas decide to send the car to the other realm instead of opting for the expensive repair. Unhappy car owners often make their displeasure known in unique ways, but exploding a car is definitely the most insane reaction (yet!).