Unexploded Bomb from World War II Found at Volkswagen HQ, Disarmed


Unexploded Bomb from World War II Disarmed at Volkswagen HQ; The 250 Kilogram bomb was 18 feet underground

An unexploded bomb from World War II has been disarmed at Volkswagen’s headquarter in Wolfsburg. The German automaker’s factory was the subject of heavy bombing by allied forces during the world war. Some of the bombs didn’t explode during that time. This is not the first time such explosives have been discovered from the site.

During World War II Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory was used in making military vehicles for the German forces. It built vehicles like Kübelwagen and the Schwimmwagen, which were heavily used by Hitler’s army. Therefore it was a priority target for the allies, and they dropped massive quantity bombs in this place.

Earlier several undetonated bombs have been discovered from the area. And now a 250 kilogram American bomb have been discovered which was buried 18 feet deep. During the disarming of the bomb 690 people of the neighborhood were evacuated by police.


To disarm the bomb a group of 100 policemen, firefighters and paramedics were deployed. The bomb disposal experts told, it was a standard American bomb from World War II. So, the defusing was just a routine process and no mishap reported during the process. The bomb was discovered on 8th July and it was diffused on 10th July.

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Whenever Volkswagen does any construction work in the area, it thoroughly searches for possible explosives. This time among a total of four sites one was found with the unexploded bomb. The Wolfsburg is known as the car city because of the Volkswagen’s headquarter being situated here.

This is the nerve centre of the German automobile conglomerate’s worldwide business. The Volkswagen Wolfsburg plant is also known for rolling out the iconic Beetle. After the World War II, under British supervision the plant manufactured and rolled out the Beetle, which became the face of the company at that time.