Under 150cc Scooter/Motorcycle Including Activa & Splendor To Be Banned From 2024?

Hero Splendor Regains Top Spot From Activa In Sales In March 2018

To reduce pollution in the major Indian cities, India’s think tank, Niti Aayog proposed to ban sub-150cc scooter and motorcycles from 2024

Finally, the Indian Government has started taking some drastic measures to reduce the increasing air pollution across all the major cities of India. We already know that in order to reduce the growing vehicular pollution, the Indian Government has skipped the BS-V implementation and jumped directly to implement the stricter BS-VI norms.

Now, according to the latest report, the Indian Government is actually planning to ban sales of all petrol engines up to 150cc (including scooter and motorcycle) from the 1st April 2025. Fortunately, the new move will definitely not affect the existing owners or those who will buy smaller capacity motorcycles or scooters before the deadline.

The report also states that the Niti Aayog also proposed to ban sales of petrol and diesel three-wheeler by the year 2023. So many of you must be wondering what will be the alternative then.


For your information, the manufacturers will be allowed to sell only electric scooters, motorcycles and rickshaws post the above-mentioned date. What is even more surprising is also the fact that the Government has further plans to ban the non-electric delivery vans, city buses, and also school buses as well.

This is definitely a tough situation for the two-wheeler vehicle manufacturers of the country. They are spending a huge amount of money behind upgrading their current lineup to meet the upcoming BS-VI norms and perhaps that is also the reason why the Indian Government is also giving a 5-year window to the Indian two-wheeler maker before they enforce the stricter electric vehicle rules.

Many major two-wheeler brands like Hero Motocorp and Honda depend on entry-level products for profit. The implementation of the new rules by the Indian Government will definitely shake things up. The ban on two petrol engines up to 150cc means that the manufacturers will now have to start investing heavily in electric vehicle technology. However, in order to boost the EV sales, the Indian Government too has to provide huge subsidies to the buyers of EV vehicles.

That said, the Indian Government currently has no plan to provide any tax concession to the EV manufacturer’s which can also be a big concern for many two-wheeler makers. Hopefully, things are going to change in the coming years and a lot of effort will also be taken to build a proper EV infrastructure in India that will also encourage Indian buyers to opt for electric vehicles instead of fossil fuel powered vehicles.