Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike To Be Revealed On November 13 In India

Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike-4

Ultraviolette F77 is claimed to be India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle and it will have plenty of connective features

Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Ltd has today announced that its first performance-based F77 zero-emission motorcycle will be unveiled on November 13 in India. The homegrown brand specialises in sustainable mobility and energy infrastructure and is based out of Bengaluru.

Ultraviolette Automotive says what has been dubbed the F77 takes inspiration from aviation engineering. It is said to have been developed from the ‘ground up’ with principles used in the aviation industry as multi-level safety systems and advanced engineering simulations are used to design the motorcycle.

Narayan Subramaniam, Founder and CEO, Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd stated that his company’s products are “designed and developed with a single-minded focus towards delivering high levels of performance and unparalleled user experience” alongside providing good ownership experience. The F77 plays a significant role in the brand’s vision to “create an identity” for EVs.

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Sticking with the latest trend, the Ultraviolette F77 is a smart and connected electric motorcycle enabling necessary information such as onboard telematics, remote diagnostics, over-the-air (OTA) updates, regenerative braking system for recuperating energy, multiple riding modes (Eco, Sport and Insane), riding analytics, and tracking.

Ultraviolette Automotive founded in 2016 is a brainchild of Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan and is one of the promising start-ups in the Indian automotive field tussling to make a strong impact among the big players especially in the burgeoning electric vehicle space that is yet to see mainstream development.

The company is developing India’s first ecosystem of high-performance EVs and energy infrastructure pertaining to the future. Seeing its potential, TVS Motor Company invested Rs. 5 crore in Ultraviolette in December 2017 for a 14.78 per cent stake and in August 2018 increased it to 25.76 per cent with an additional Rs. 6 crore investment.

The Ultraviolette F77 is claimed capable of doing zero to 60 kmph in just three seconds courtesy of the 450 Nm of instant peak torque available and it has 25 kW (33.5 horsepower) of power output. The regenerative braking helps in recharging the electric motorcycle whilst under braking. The battery pack has new-age sensors, multiple mechanical, electrical and thermal fail-safe protocols to ensure reliability.

The Ultraviolette Energy Network, on the other hand, makes sure that the F77 can be taken out on long drives without range anxiety. A home charger will also be offered with the e-motorcycle. It must be noted that the teaser image reveals a naked streetfighter with muscular body panels, tall set handlebar for relaxed riding position, low seat height, split seats, monoshock rear suspension, razor-sharp headlamp and a compact LED taillamp.

It looks like a proper streetfighter capable of giving the IC-engined powered 250-400 cc nakeds a run for their money. But until we find out what it really is and ride it out we reserve the judgment!