Uber Orders Over One Lakh Mercedes S Class

Mercedes Brenz S-CLass Sedan

Uber orders over one lakh Mercedes S Class from Daimler and reports to employ the fully-autonomous vehicles by 2020

Uber is one of the highly popular ride-hailing apps that attained fame due to its ability to undercut prices of taxi service locally. It helps in connecting passengers with people who have their own cars and the low price fare is among some of the several advantages the consumers are being provided with.

There are options you can choose from according to your preference like the UberGO which is a hatchback, second is UberX which is a sedan, the third car is UberBLACK with two options under it UberBLACK and Uber Wifi if you want a plusher way of commuting.

Mercedes Brenz S-CLass Sedan interior

The fourth option is UberSUV besides the UberIntericty that includes UberSUV and UberX. The company has decided to go a step further in its operations and recent reports suggest that about one lakh flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan has been ordered. This accounts for probably a $6-8 billion dollar deal if concessions and incentives are taken into account.

Reuters magazine reported the story and it has come after the German news outlet Der Spiegel said that Uber founder Travis Kalanick considers fully-autonomous driving cars as the future of his growing business. But why the Mercedes S-Class you might wonder? The large order of the flagship luxury sedan will hit the roads only by 2020 as the S-Class still has to deal with semi-autonomous driving rather than a fully-fledged self driving car.

Mercedes Brenz S-CLass Sedan rear

The timeframe has not been assigned yet but the agreement is believed to contain small levels of purchases over a period of time. Mercedes-Benz currently retails 1,00,000 units of the S-Class per annum. Although some sources on the internet revealed that no deal has been reached yet, both Daimler and Uber have refused to comment on that matter.

The move by Uber to switch for cars that automatically drive will be of immense strategic help as the company can stop paying its contract drivers who are the major payable source. It’s worth noting that Uber went into Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh which has the reputed National Robotics Engineering Center and came out employing around 40 researchers. The S-Class can now park itself, maintain safe distance between cars in traffic and do some other semi-autonomous driving stuff but the technology to make it fully-autonomous is still on the horizon.

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