Uber Driver Steals Wheels Of Toyota Etios Liva Parked At Delhi Airport Terminal 3

Uber Driver Steals Wheels Of Toyota Etios Liva Parked At Delhi Airport Terminal 3-1

Renu Mehta, a Gurugram resident who parked her Toyota Etios Liva at the Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport, was shocked to find the wheels of her car missing

It’s quite normal for various frequent fliers to park their car at the airport terminal parking for a day or two while they travel between two cities for personal or professional work. While doing so, one stays assured that he or she has parked the vehicle at a safe spot, from where it can be retrieved soon after landing back in the city.

Or at least this is what Renu Mehta, a resident of Gurugram, had on her mind when she recently parked her Toyota Etios Liva at the parking lot of the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. As per the account provided by her, she parked her car in the designated parking lot at 3:40 AM on February 24.

To her horror, she found out on her return that all the wheels and tires of her car had gone missing. She was quick to check out the CCTV footage of the area and found out that an Uber driver, whose cab has HR 73 A 1202 registration, is responsible for the act.

Sadly, she states that neither the Delhi Airport Parking Services nor GMR Group, the developers of the airport, are ready to take responsibility. She says that one of the GMR employees at the CCTV monitor facility even went on to say,”So what, this was just a breach of security, the same happened at Pulwama.”

Disgusted by the attitude of the authorities, she questions all such service providers, who give two hoots about the safety of a vehicle even after charging for the parking facility. Renu says that she has incurred a minimum loss of Rs 30,000. Moreover, the inconvenience she has been caused adds insult to injury.

We feel sorry for what the Gurugram resident has gone through. However, we would like to bring it to light that the provider of the parking services can’t be held liable for the losses incurred by the owner of the Toyota Etios Liva. A careful inspection of the terms and conditions would reveal that the service provider clearly mentions that he won’t be responsible for any sort of loss of property. Therefore, it’s tough to legally challenge the parking services provider. Still, it saddens us to see their unethical and callous attitude.