Two New McLaren Ultimate Series Hypercars Confirmed


New McLaren Ultimate Series cars will be technologically advanced to deliver maximum performance with “brutal” design language

McLaren, the British supercar manufacturer, has confirmed that it will be introducing two brand new models under the Ultimate Series of high-performance vehicles – where the astonishing P1 has been part of. According to speculations emerged on the internet, the first product will be codenamed the P15 and is believed to be the most track-focussed road car McLaren has yet designed with extreme performance levels.

As much excited as you are, however, the first sneak peek of the P15 will only come about in the opening quarter of next year. It will be delivered before the arrival of the second Ultimate Series vehicle which is internally codenamed the BP23. In simple terms, a hyper GT in the making. In a similar fashion to the P1, the forthcoming Ultimate Series vehicles will be manufactured in limited quantity to maintain their exclusivity.

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McLaren unveils 720S

If you desire owning one, your luck is out as the all the examples have been accounted for already. The famed brand confirms that the P15 is a road legal track monster that “sacrifices” daily usability to ensure the most intense driving experience around a circuit. McLaren, founded by the late great Bruce McLaren, says the P15 will be the purest expression of form follows function. It is also described to have a “brutal” design.

The teaser image posted by us here takes gives a glimpse of one part of the car – a triple exhaust pipe setup only one short of the lethal Pagani Huayra. The P15 is reported by several medial houses to not receive a hybrid powertrain like the savage P1 but in its place an enhanced version of the M840T in the Super Series branded 720S will be present.

Built on a monocage II carbonfibre tub, it will weigh less than 1.3 tonnes for optimal power-to-weight ratio better than even the P1. Before the end of this year, we will come to know the exact production name of the P15 as only 500 examples are expected to be produced. As McLaren is said to enter India next year, we can expect the new series of cars out on our roads in the future, hopefully!