TVS Owned Component Maker Starts Journey With Tesla

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TVS group owned Sundaram Fastener supplies major components like bevel gears and surge tank caps to Tesla

TVS group owned automobile component manufacturer Sundaram Fastener has started its journey with American EV maker Tesla. The homegrown company is supplying major components like bevel gears and surge tank caps to the US-based company. TVS believes this association will help the company with gradual transition into the EV era, for which Indian automobile industry is gearing up.

Speaking about the vital components that Sundaram Fastener is supplying to Tesla, the bevel gears are teeth edged parts mounted on the shafts in a transmission system. On the other hand, the surge tank caps protect the coolant. The TVS owned company aims to grab 8% stake in global EV component market by 2030 and up to 40% by 2040. No wonder, this is something very ambitious dream, but the company is seriously moving towards its goal and association with Tesla is a major part of that strategy.

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With Indian auto market preparing to adopt zero emission pure electric mobility by 2030 under the government’s Mission EV 2030 strategy, the company could play major role in making components for different auto majors. The company has been running business for nearly half a century and it has been insightful reagring the upcoming electric mobility.

As Sundaram Fastener says, it didn’t have to give much effort to adopt the EV compatible products. Instead it was just an adjustment to the core focus areas of fabricated metal products and vehicle components. However, the company also believes that it needs to refine the products in order to make them future EV compatible.

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Speaking about Tesla’s India connection, while Sundaram Fastener is playing a crucial role by supplying the major components to the automaker, the brand is preparing to launch its Model 3 compact electric sedan in the domestic market. The car is expected to arrive here sometime next year.
Source: ET Auto