TVS-Owned Norton Motorcycles’ Production Commencing In 2021

Atlas Nomad

Bookings for the Norton Motorcycles’ Atlas Nomad and the Atlas Ranger are open and they will enter production next year

Norton Motorcycles’ John Russell spoke about the future of the Commando nameplate which carries a rich legacy for the brand recently. He told that the production of the Norton branded motorcycles will be moving to its new factory in Solihull in the starting stages of 2021. He further said that the Commando would more likely make a comeback in the near future.

Off the production lines, the first lot of Commandos would meet the existing orders from customers and for those deposited with the old administration, would have to shell out a bit extra. About a total of 40 Commandos will be rolled out of the production and new customers could also get their hands on the motorcycle with additional numbers.

As for the Atlas, it “needs some development” and some components will be sourced from different suppliers. He acknowledged that the Atlas has the correct weight and riding posture to meet the requirements of the less experienced riders and those wanting “a bike without too much drama”. The moves will help in seeing out the next year and a half for the brand before seeking new opportunities.

tvs nortan -1

He further reiterated the needed to keep the Norton Motorcycles brand “quintessentially British” and compared it with Aston Martin for being self assured and sturdy as opposed to a Ferrari. While the Nortons will be produced in Britain and carry the British heritage, not all the components going into the range will be sourced from the United Kingdom.

Being realistic, he added “The motorcycle industry is multi-national and you can’t always get the best tech in the UK,”. Bookings have commenced for Norton Atlas Nomad and the Norton Atlas Ranger and they will go into production next year. Revealed back in 2018, they were expected to go on sale from 2019 but the financial turmoil the brand embroiled in delayed the proceedings.

TVS Motor Company spent around 16 million GBP towards the purchase of Norton Motorcycles funded through internal approvals. The Indian manufacturer could use the opportunity with the famed British brand and explore into more premium markets in the near future.