TVS Electric Scooter With Solar Roof Not Far Away From Reality – Report

tvs electric scooter solar roof_

The electric scooter with a solar roof from TVS Motors will soon be a reality and will feature Charge-on-the-go technology

TVS Motors is working hard to enter and explore the EV and hybrid two-wheeler vehicle market. According to the recent reports, the Hosur based two-wheeler manufacturer is developing a range of both electric and hybrid scooters that will feature a solar roof. The report also states that the company has been working secretly on this project for a long time now and have finally decided to take it up in full fledge.

The next generation of electric vehicles from TVS motors will be developed for both personal and for commercial use as well. TVS Motors is working on new and innovative ideas to develop a two-wheeler which is safe and also technologically advanced than the traditional electric vehicles.

Like we already mentioned above that TVS Motors is working on both electric as well as hybrid two-wheelers that will have solar panels positioned on the roof of the scooter. These solar panels will extract energy from the sun directly and will help charge the batteries. The batteries will then power the electric motor that will be connected directly to the rear wheel.

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The entire roof will be made out of lightweight material like reinforced plastic, fibre, polyacrylonitrile, aluminium or sheet metal. The entire solar panel will be designed in a way to ensure maximum operational efficiency. That said, the basic idea will be to develop a scooter which can be charged on the move.

This also means that the vehicle will not be required to stop and charge every time the battery drains out. This will help the two-wheeler to cover more distance and eliminate the fear of battery drainage during a long commute. Besides all that the scooter will also provide a proper and comfortable backrest and headrest to the pillion.

This type of concept will soon turn into reality but it will still take a couple of years before we finally see these advanced two-wheelers on Indian roads. The good news is also that these vehicles will be meant for the global market.