TVS-Backed Electric Bike Is the Fastest 200 cc Motorcycle in India

TVS-electric-bike-1 (Ultraviolette Electric Bike)

Ultraviolette electric bike is capable of reaching speeds of 138+ kmph mark and has a claimed range of 150+ km on a single charge

If you have ignored electric vehicles until now for their poor power, low performance and unpredictable range then wait till you hear this. A green mobility startup backed by TVS Motor Co. Ltd has plans to launch a premium electric motorcycle which generates power equivalent to 200-250 cc motorcycle and is capable of reaching a top speed of 150 kmph.

The company has plans to launch the powerful electric bike towards the end of 2019 in India. When launched this will be the most powerful and fastest electric two-wheeler of India. The Bangalore based startup Ultraviolette who is behind this crazy idea said that their electric motorcycle which is now in its fourth generation was able to outperform some of its segments fuel driven motorcycles in terms of design, performance, user and ownership experience.

However, its biggest advantage will be its pricing which will be in the same range as its fuel driven rivals. The Electric motorcycle will be the company’s first ever product set to be launched next year, however, a lot of research and time has been spent to make their innovation successful. The first prototype was built in January 2016 and the motorcycle has gone over 10, 000 kilometers testing to make things perfect.

As far as the performance figures are concerned the electric motorcycle can easily surpass 138 km mark which is the top speed claimed by KTM Duke 200. Along with speed the motorcycle also promises an impressive overall range of 150+ km in a single charge. The motorcycle relies on a lithium-ion battery as its primary power source.

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Besides just the motorcycle the startup also has plans to set up a smart network of charging points on a city-wide basis, beginning with Bengaluru. TVS motors are also quite positive about this startup to strengthen their position in the EV segment of India. The Chennai based two-wheeler manufacturer has already invested 11 Crore rupees behind this project.

When launched the electric bike will be sold in Bengaluru first and later in some other metro cities as well. The electric bike will be manufactured at its manufacturing facility in Bengaluru next year and will have a capacity to manufacture more than 10,000 vehicles.