TVS Apache RR310 – OLD VS NEW, What All Has Changed?

2021 TVS Apache RR 310 Ride Review 25

How different is the new updated TVS Apache RR310 in contrast to the model it replaces? Read here to know

TVS is keen on launching new products in the Indian market, while the brand is constantly working on keeping its model lineup fresh by updating the existing offering. The latter exercise has been now performed on the daddy of its Apache series of motorcycles – Apache RR310.

The updated motorcycle follows a new course, “Built To Order,” wherein the brand is offering different add-on kits for the base motorcycle. This way, owners will be able to extract more out of the Apache RR310. But how different it is when compared to the outgoing model? Well, read on to find the answer.

1. Design

In this aspect, the Apache RR310 has not changed a lot from the outgoing model. It still dons the twin-headlamp design for the front face, while the side fairings remain unchanged as well. Interestingly, the company is now offering race livery to buyers. This paint scheme uses a combination of red and white colours with bold TVS lettering on the side panels. Besides, the owners can also choose a different colour option for the wheel and can have a race number on the front windscreen.

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2. Features

On this front, the Apache RR310 has come a long way from where it started. In fact, this particular phase of transition lends it with more tech on board. The 5.5-inch instrument console can now save documents, namely RC, insurance, PUC, driver license and more. Moreover, there’s a new rev limiter on offer now, along with an over-speed indicator.

3. Performance

TVS has managed to tweak the Apache RR310 on this front by a huge margin. However, it continues to use the existing trellis frame and the 310cc motor. Also, the power and torque outputs remain as is at 34 PS and 27.3 Nm, respectively. Nevertheless, the brand is now offering two kits with the Apache RR310 – Dynamic Kit and Race Kit. Besides, it now comes with a race exhaust that offers increased lean angles. Yes! It can be fitted on the outgoing model as well.

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Talking of dynamic kit first, it comprises fully-adjustable front forks, fully-adjustable rear monoshock, and a brass-coated drive chain. The front forks offer adjustability for compression & rebound (20-step) and pre-load adjustability (15 mm). The rear monoshock, on the other hand, comes with the rebound (20-step) and pre-load (10-step) adjustments.

The race kit, on the other hand, is designed for those looking for tailored ergonomics for a more aggressive rider’s triangle. It alters the position of handlebars, which are now moved downwards by 8 degrees and inwards by 5 degrees. Also, the footpegs are now higher by 30 mm, resulting in a 4.5-degree increase in the rider’s lean angle.

Race Kit Dynamic Kit
Race ergo handlebar Fully-adjustable front fork
Raised footpeg assembly Fully-adjustable rear monoshock
Knurled footpegs Anti-rust brass-coated drive chain

4. Price

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The updated TVS Apache RR310 goes on sale at Rs. 2.59 lakh, ex-showroom. In comparison to the model it replaces, it is expensive by only Rs 4,510. However, the addition of performance kits and visual packages can increase the cost furthermore.

The dynamic kit is priced at Rs. 12,000, while the race kit is priced at Rs. 5,000. For the race replica livery, buyers will have to pay a sum of Rs. 4,500, whereas the red paint scheme for the alloy wheels will set you back by Rs. 1,500. Interestingly, the personalised race number comes at no extra cost.

Price 2021 TVS Apache RR310
Ex-showroom price Rs. 2.59 lakh
Race kit Rs. 5,000
Dynamic kit Rs. 12,000
Wheel colour Rs. 1,500
Race replica livery Rs. 4,500
Personalised number Rs. 0
Complete package Rs. 2.87 lakh

All prices are ex-showroom only.