Truck Slides Off & Hits Ford Freestyle Dramatically In Wet – Shocking Video

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The horrific accident occurred in Shimoga shows how lives could be changed or ended in a matter of seconds, and it’s paramount to drive cautiously on wet roads

On treacherous wet conditions, it is important to drive carefully as the traction levels will be unpredictable. Through hilly sections into the mix, the chances of getting involved in the accidents are high. Compared to driving on regular plains, having a well maintained vehicle will help you get out of trouble big time but what if you are on the receiving end?

The roads on terrains are subjected to the establishment of the particular landscapes as they sudden crests, hidden dips and narrow tarmac can often be experienced. Thus, viewers reading are advised to be prepared ahead in time and it includes understanding the local weather, as there are many unknown parameters that could make a difference between life and death.

A shocking and in many ways disturbing video has emerged online and viewers discretion is advised. Coming from Sakrebailu in Shimoga, Karnataka the front passenger in a red coloured Ford Freestyle was shooting video on what seemed to be drenching conditions due to frequent thunderstorms. While approaching a right hand turn on a narrow road, the video shows an oncoming truck at high speed.

The slippery road has certainly caught the truck driver and he could not control the massive vehicle. With sudden brake applied, the rear end left loose with no traction and hurled on to the Freestyle. The images of the accident show the top of the Freestyle completely ruined and a woman in the car was said to have sustained minor injuries.

A case has been registered at Tunga Nagar police station in Shimoga. While the Freestyle certainly save the passengers and the driver, the same couldn’t be said for a motorcycle moving just ahead of the cross-hatch. The bike rider was found dead on the spot as the truck clipped him before slamming on the Freestyle while the injured pillion has been admitted in the hospital.

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We bring this horrific crash happened this past Sunday into the limelight as the monsoon showers are just around the corner and driving/riding safe should be your priority in all the circumstances and maintaining your vehicle to be in perfect condition plays a significant role in it.