Tripura Commences Odd-Even Scheme for Petrol Supply


Tripura commences Odd-Even scheme as bikers will be supplied with petrol based on their registration plate numbers on alternate days

The West and South Tripura authorities have confirmed to impose the odd-even scheme practiced at Delhi earlier this year due to the ongoing fuel scarcity. The implementation comes with a slight change, however, as they try to meet the increasing demands for petrol supply. They have ordered petrol stations to supply bikes in odd and even number plate format on alternate days beginning from Thursday.

The odd-even fuel supply will continue until further notice from the civil supplies department whose minister Bhanu Lal Saha said the scenario of National Highway 44 at Lowerpowa in South Assam has hampered communication and thus affecting the fuel supply in and around Agartala. The discrepancies in the supply of petrol as well as diesel in the state have prompted the demand and therefore implementing odd-even fuel supply scheme was the only choice.

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The fuel filling stations are having hard times in controlling the vehicle owners as large queues are formed all day in recent weeks. Despite controlling the distribution of petrol, the demand among vehicle owners seems to remain the same. Some of bikers are making use of this crisis and they are selling fuel at higher rates.

It elevates the problems faced by vehicle owners as they hiked the prices because people have no choice but to approach them for daily commuting according to civil supplies minister. These issues beckoned a new order and therein came the fuel supply to odd and even registration numbers on every other day. The total number of bikes on roads of Tripura are estimated to be around 1,43,000 and by a simple math it will reduce the demand by half with the odd-even practice.

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Besides that the congestion will also be reduced. The situation is made worse by bikers stressing the petrol rationing to be lifted as they demand for supply from Bangladesh or by any alternative means. The poor road conditions meant only 50 per cent of fuel being supplied which cannot meet the shortage. The Kokital-Dharmanagar highway will be readied in the next three or four days and is hoped to get things back to normal.