Toyota Working on Flying Car and Luxury Boat of the Future


Toyota invested 42.5 million yen in flying car project; could be the next automaker to build luxury yacht after Bugatti and Porsche

Japanese auto giant Toyota is keen to develop a flying car and it has already invested a whopping 42.5 million yen in a startup Cartivator Resource Management to develop a flying car. Christened as the ‘Sky Drive’, a prototype has been already tested in Tokyo. The company aims to develop the flying car by 2020 and demonstrate it during the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in the 2020 Tokyo games.

As the prototype was put in test, it had an aluminium frame and eight propellers fitted to it in order to make it fly. The flying car comes in size of a regular car and it is loaded with several batteries and sensors. The prototype could fly much, but it certainly showed the glimpse of hope.


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Currently the startup is working on a better design for the flying car and the model is expected to have its maiden manned flight in 2019. Apart from its conventional car business, Toyota is seen investing heavily in technologies like self-driving, electric powertrain, artificial intelligence and robotics. With introduction of hybrid, electric and full cell powered cars, Toyota is thriving towards becoming an environment-friendly energy company as well.

Not only flying cars or new technologies, but Toyota is also working on luxury yacht under the badge of its subsidiary luxury car brand Lexus. Recently it demonstrated a luxury concept yacht that runs on twin engines. The luxury yacht has been designed with inspiration from dolphin and Lexus cars. The yacht is expected to enter commercial production within a few years.


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Interestingly, Toyota is not the first automaker in the world to show interest in building and selling luxury yachts. Bugatti and Porsche too showcased their ambitious yacht projects that are expected to enter commercial production soon. However, Toyota is not new in boat operations as it has been present in the business since 1997 and current it offer four models and sold 845 boats till date.

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