Toyota To Soon Launch A Flex-Fuel Car In India – Details


Toyota will play a prominent role in piloting the flex-fuel project in India and it will launch its first model of that type on September 28, 2022

With the Indian Government now pushing the car manufacturers in the country to consider flex-fuel technology as an alternative to the current ICE-powered cars, many brands in India are likely to introduce flex-fuel-powered cars soon. Toyota is also all set to launch the first flex-fuel car in the country on 28th September 2022. More cars however might also make their debut in India soon.

While Toyota is yet to share more details about this upcoming car in the country, it is currently busy launching the new Urban Cruiser Hyryder to take on other midsize rivals like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, new Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Volkswagen Taigun, and the Skoda Kushaq.

For those wondering, a flex-fuel engine is an internal combustion engine that can run on more than one type of fuel. Moreover, a mixture of different fuels might also be used to run such engines. A blend of petrol and ethanol or methanol is one of the most common fuel mixtures that are used to power such engines.

toyota hyryder-9

The modifications made to the whole setup help the ECU retune itself based on the variable composition and ratio of different fuels. A flex-fuel engine can also run on 100 per cent petrol or ethanol and this technology is being utilised in multiple countries like Brazil, the USA, and Canada.

Toyota is also working on launching the new next-gen model of the Toyota Innova in the market. This new model, in addition to a new design and underpinnings, will also boast new powertrain options including a strong hybrid petrol engine. Likewise, the brand will also be launching the next-gen model of the Fortuner. The new Fortuner will also be offered with a new strong hybrid diesel engine.

The push by the Government to opt for cleaner power sources is currently motivating the auto manufacturers in the country to introduce new and cleaner powertrain options for the buyers. After Toyota, many other automakers are also expected to launch their flex-fuel portfolio in the Indian market in the coming months.