Toyota to Offer Cars with Improved Safety Technologies in India

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Toyota to offer cars with improved safety as the Japanese automaker will introduce new global architecture and latest safety technologies in future models

Toyota is not only the largest Asian auto manufacturer, but also the second largest automaker in the world. The Japanese automaker is in the process to offer the customers safer cars with latest safety technologies in its future models. The company is also building cars which will be based on the company’s new global architecture.

The Toyota Motor has already introduced the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) in its fourth generation Prius. Now the car maker is planning to introduce the TNGA to several other cars as well. Not only that; Toyota also set to offer Pre Collision System or PCS to its future models, which will reduce the chance of road accidents, and therefore casualties as well.

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The new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) comes with a more rigid body structure, enhancing the safety during any collision. Mr. Seigo Kuzumaki, CXheif Safety technology Officer, Toyota Motor has informed, that the new TNGA ensures 55% less cabin deformation during a crash compared to the present cars. The Pre Collision System (PCS) on the other hand is a system which uses camera and several sensors to prevent a head on collision, and it also applies brake automatically, in case the driver fails to do so.

In India the company has initiated a safety awareness campaign by urging the drivers to wear seat belts during driving. Incidentally, the seat belts can reduce the chance of fatal injuries by up to 50% for the front occupants, and 75% for the rear occupants.

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India is certainly among the leading countries with a high rate of deaths due to road accidents. In 2015 the already alarming number has increased by around 5%. The Japanese automaker didn’t clear whether the new TNGA and PCS technology will be available in its India spec cars or not.

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