Toyota November 2019 Discounts – Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Corolla, Glanza, Etios

Updated Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo front

Like several other car manufacturers, even Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has been offering some great discounts on models like the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Glanza and Etios

With the Diwali season over, most car manufacturers have lowered the discounts that they were offering on their product lineup. That said, the existing discounts still make it a pretty good option for the new car buyers to grab their favorite car right now and benefit from lowered prices.

Like Hyundai Motor India Ltd and even Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, even Toyota Kirloskar Motor India has been offering some fantastic discounts across its lineup of models for India. Here is a look at the Toyota Cars discounts in November 2019.

1. Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis is a well-rounded D1-segment sedan that has been losing out to fresher rivals like the Hyundai Elantra facelift. However, the good part here is that it’s available with some fantastic discounts amounting to over Rs 1.5 lakh. Right now, this capable sedan is being sold with a cash discount of Rs 1,00,000 and a corporate offer of Rs 50,000. However, currently, there’s no exchange bonus available to the buyers of this model

2. Toyota Innova Crysta

toyota fortuner innova crysta yaris

The Innova Crysta, which is basically the second generation of the popular MPV, is being sold with benefits up to Rs 55,000. There’s a corporate discount of Rs 30,000, along with an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000. While not much, this discount is still pretty substantial if you take into account the fact that this highly popular MPV is seldom on sale with any sort of discounts.

3. Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner has been undoubtedly the highest-selling SUV in its segment. Still, due to the lackluster sales, the top-selling product has been available with some good discounts. Right now, this full-size SUV is on sale with a corporate cash discount of Rs 40,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 40,000. This takes the total discount to up to Rs 80,000, which is not bad at all for someone who is willing to invest his money into buying this premium SUV.

Model Cash Discount + Corporate Benefit Exchange Bonus
Toyota Corolla Altis  Rs. 1,00,000 + Rs. 50,000 NIL
Toyota Innova Crysta Rs. 25,000 (Corporate Only) Rs. 30,000
Toyota Fortuner Rs. 40,000 (Corporate Only) Rs. 40,000
Toyota Yaris (Facelift) Rs. 10,000 + Rs. 15,000 + Rs. 5,000 (Reference Toyota Edge Eligibility Grid) Rs. 15,000
Toyota Yaris (Pre Faclift) Upto Rs. 1,00,000 + Rs. 30,000 Rs. 15,000
Toyota Etios Rs. 8,000 (Corporate Only) NIL
Toyota Liva Rs. 8,000 (Corporate Only) NiL
Toyota Etios Cross Rs. 15,000 + Rs. 8,000 NIL
Toyota Glanza Rs. 15,000 + Rs. 5,000 + Rs. 5,000 (Reference Toyota Edge Eligibility Grid) Rs. 15,000

4. Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a low-selling C2-segment sedan that is easily among the most safe options in its segment, The mid-sizer, which is available with a standard fitment of six airbags across the trims, is on sale with a cash discount of Rs 10,000 and a cash discount of Rs 15,000.

toyota yaris dual-tone variant

Plus, you can get Ra 5,000 of additional discount through Toyota Edge Eligibility Grid. Also, on buying the pre-facelift version, you can get a cash discount of Rs 1 lakh and a corporate bonus of Rs 30,000. Plus, there’s an exchange bonus of Rs 40,000 on both facelift and pre-facelift models.

5.Toyota Etios

The Etios has been a highly practical C1-segment sedan that takes on sub-4-metre models like the Maruti Swift and Honda Amaze. Right now, this spacious car is on sale with a corporate discount of Rs 8,000. While not much, this offer is definitely somewhat beneficial for buyers of this well-rounded offering.

6.Toyota Etios Liva

Like its sedan sibling, the Toyota Etios Liva is a well-rounded offering that has been a favorite of the fleet operators due to its highly practical cabin. Like the sedan version, the Liva is on sale with a corporate discount of Rs 8,000 at the moment.

7.Toyota Etios Cross

The Toyota Etios Cross is for those who need all the practical bits of the Etios Liva but in a smarter package that has a high street presence due to several SUV-inspired bits. The Etios Cross Is currently on sale with a cash discount of Rs 15,000 and an corporate offer of Rs 8,000.

8.Toyota Glanza

Toyota Glanza launched only in Petrol variant

The Glanza is nothing but a rebadged Maruti Baleno that has become the first product of the alliance between the two Japanese automakers. This B2-segment hatchback is currently being sold with a cash discount of Rs 15,000 along with a corporate offer of Rs 5,000. You can also get a benefit of another Rs 5,000 through Toyota Edge Rewards points and an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000.