Toyota Innova Hycross VS 2023 Innova Crysta Price Comparison

Innova Crysta Vs Hycross

The price difference between the top-spec trims of Toyota’s latest premium MPVs, the Innova Hycross and Innova Crysta is a good Rs. 3.92 lakh

Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) launched the 2023 Innova Crysta diesel with minor updates in March 2023. However, only the prices of the lower trims were announced at that time, while the top-end trims were saved for a later stage.

Recently, the Japanese carmaker revealed the pricing of the top-spec VX and ZX trims. Now as the full price list of the Innova Crysta is out, we can compare it with the modern sibling, the Innova Hycross.

Toyota Innova Hycross VS Innova Crysta Price Comparison

Having a close look at both the MPV’s price lists, it is quite clear that the lower trims of Innova Crysta command a premium over the Innova Hycross’s counterparts. While the higher trims of Innova Hycross are way more expensive than the Crysta.

toyota innova hycross-14
Toyota Innova Hycross

The top-spec ZX 7-seater variant of Innova Hycross costs Rs. 3.92 lakh more than Crysta’s top-end trim. For the record, the lower trims of Hycross are powered by the naturally aspirated petrol engine, while the higher trims get a strong hybrid powertrain. On the other hand, the Innova Crysta gets the 2.4-litre diesel engine across the range.

Variant Innova Hycross 2023 Innova Crysta Price Difference
G-SLF 7-Seater Rs. 18.55 lakh Rs. 19.13 lakh Rs. 58,000
G-SLF 8-Seater Rs. 18.60 lakh Rs. 19.18 lakh Rs. 58,000
GX 7-seater Rs. 19.40 lakh Rs. 19.99 lakh Rs. 59,000
GX 8-seater Rs. 19.45 lakh Rs. 19.99 lakh Rs. 54,000
VX 7-seater (Hybrid) Rs. 25.03 lakh Rs. 23.79 lakh* Rs. 1.24 lakh
VX 8-seater (Hybrid) Rs. 25.08 lakh Rs. 23.84 lakh* Rs. 1.24 lakh
ZX 7-seater (Hybrid) Rs. 29.35 lakh Rs. 25.43 lakh* Rs. 3.92 lakh

*Newly launched variants of Innova Crysta

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta new top end variants launched

The higher sticker price of the strong hybrid Innova Hycross is quite justified as the premium MPV is loaded to the brim with modern tech features. In addition to this, the string hybrid powertrain is an expensive affair as the majority of its components are imported, which in turn accumulates higher taxes.

That being said, the top-spec trims of Innova Crysta are also not too far behind in terms of features as it gets an 8-inch infotainment display with smartphone connectivity, 6 airbags, a powered driver’s seat, ambient lighting and more.