Toyota ‘Hum Hai Hybrid’ Campaign To Promote Self-Charging Hybrid EV Tech

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid front

Toyota’s “Hum Hai Hybrid” campaign aims to spread awareness of Self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles (SHEVs) through a specially curated web video series

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has today launched a campaign dubbed ‘Hum Hai Hybrid’ on self-charging hybrid electric vehicle technology. The brand says it aims at realising ‘Carbon Neutrality’ by 2050, aligning with India’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and lowering fossil fuel dependency. Globally, Toyota took an environmental challenge constituting six themes since 2015.

The launch of the campaign titled “Hum Hai Hybrid” is through a specially curated web video series and it creates awareness among consumers and the larger society about the overall benefits of Self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles (SHEVs) and their potential contribution. Toyota hopes its digital campaign will trigger a faster shift towards ‘mass electrification’ across the nation.

The “Hum Hai Hybrid” campaign is designed and developed as part of the brand’s digital promotional approach and it revolves around the SHEV theme with Powerful Performance, No Range Anxiety, Low-Cost Maintenance, Long Lasting Battery, Low CO2 Emission, Silent to Drive and Easy to drive being the key attributes according to Toyota.

2022 Camry facelift-2
2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The SHEVs work in a way that the electric powertrain delivers instant torque upon start while the electric motor and engine work together to boost the power output when spirited driving is required. Toyota says SHEV rides can be driven up to 60 per cent of the time on pure electric mode and thus significant improvement in fuel efficiency 40 to 80 per cent) is achieved.

With a dual power source (petrol engine and an electric motor), Toyota says the technology ensures peace of mind in terms of range anxiety as the Self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicle does not require to be plugged in for a recharge. The battery is recharged by running the internal combustion engine and regenerative braking system.

Toyota is expected to bring in a host of new launches with eco-friendly tech in mind. The upcoming midsize SUV developed in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki is expected to carry a strong hybrid powertrain while an all-new global midsize SUV is in the works for likely debut by 2025. The RAV4 Hybrid and next-gen Innova Crysta hybrid are also in the rumour mill.