Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck Receives Five Stars In Latin NCAP Crash Tests

toyota hilux latin ncap

Toyota Hilux has been awarded full marks by Latin NCAP crash test organisation as it met their expectations in almost every department

In the latest round of Latin NCAP crash tests, 2019 MY Toyota Hilux was awarded full marks as it passed through the tasks with flying colours and it applies to the SW4 model as well. It was tested along with the latest Chevrolet Cruze and the Nissan Frontier pickup truck – the former getting five stars and the latter with four stars.

Both Hilux and Frontier received maximum grades for adult and child protection while the Cruze sedan was given top marks for adults and four stars for children. Except for the lateral protection of the front passenger seat and waist, the Hilux was rated with either good or adequate protection.

The absence of curtain airbags has hurt the Nissan Frontier by giving it only a four-star rating. This led to a medium score in pole side hit test while being particularly certified unstable. The Latin NCAP organisation also found out during its evaluation that there is a lack of possibility of passenger airbag shutdown.

The Frontier was given medium rating during the vulnerability test of body parts as the driver’s chest area as well as co-passenger and driver thighs were inadequately protected. However, other body parts were said to be either good or adequate during an impact according to Latin NCAP crash test standards.

As for the Chevrolet Cruze, it was certified to have a good level of protection generally but the driver’s chest section had only medium level safety. Other body parts were given good or adequate protection. It must be noted that the Cruze only received four stars last year due to the lack of curtain airbags as standard fitment.

nissan frontier latin ncap

The independent assessment body puts the cars through different tests. For instance, the side impact test is through a deformable barrier mounted on a standard car that travels at 50 kmph. This along with electronic stability control and pole testing were made standard for stricter evaluation. Any car getting four stars in Latin NCAP performed well in ESC and front/side impact tests.