Toyota To Give New Truck To A Man Who Saved Many Lives From Wildfire

Toyota Gives New Truck To A Man Who Saved Many Lives From Wildfire

The valiant effort of saving patients from hospital despite the burned truck has gained this man a brand new Tundra from Toyota

The deadliest wildfire ever in Northern California has claimed over 42 lives in the Paradise town and more worryingly search operations are in place to find over 200 people missing. Some of them could have been killed in this most horrifying blaze the state has witnessed in the last 85 years.

The blaze was unbearably hot that it had even the strongest of metals melted with its fury and remains of the dead people were found in homes or trapped in cars or on streets as they tried to save their lives but nature got the better of them, and the aftermath of the fire made Paradise look like a destroyed battlefield.

Amidst the disturbing scenes, local authorities stated to the media that some would have ended up in safer neighbourhoods but nothing is certain yet. The Camp Fire is not expected to be controlled fully until the end of this month due to the raging temperate and high wind speeds.

California has been through tragic fires and this year it was no different with dry underbrush, heavy winds and hot temperatures instigating them beyond bearable extent. The seasonal Santa Ana winds have abruptly spread the flames putting lives under huge risk.

Toyota Gives New Truck To A Man Who Saved Many Lives From Wildfire 1

Come the risk and tragedy, the heroic efforts of common people will unravel and an Instagram user named the_pandra has revealed the struggled he had been through while escaping the massive blaze with his Toyota Tundra truck when an entire township was up in flames.

While the town was burning in the backdrop, he used his truck and help from co-workers and others to evacuate patients from the hospital not once but twice. He posted the picture of his half burned Toyota Tundra with melted body panels and acknowledging his life-saving valiant efforts, Toyota USA’s official IG handle has confirmed that he would get a brand new Tundra instead. Another firm has come forward to give his new Tundra a free wrap and window tint.