Toyota Fortuner Prices Hiked Again – Up By Rs. 5 Lakh In Just 18 Months

toyota fortuner GRsport-5
Current-gen Toyota Fortuner GR Sport

Toyota Fortuner’s latest price hike has led to the seven-seater SUV being quoted up to Rs. 77,000 more than previously

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has announced yet another price hike for its models in the domestic market. The top-selling Fortuner full-size SUV and the Innova Crysta premium MPV have faced a huge price increase this time around along with the Camry Hybrid and Vellfire. The Japanese auto major introduced the facelifted version of the Fortuner early last year and the range-topping Legender made its debut as well.

The latest price hike for the Fortuner has led to the seven-seater being quoted up to Rs. 77,000 more than previously. The base 4X2 petrol MT costs Rs. 32.59 lakh while the 4X2 petrol AT is priced at Rs. 34.18 lakh (ex-showroom) – both getting a respective price jump of Rs. 19,000. A similar price hike has been seen on the 4×2 diesel MT and 4×2 diesel AT variants.

They are now priced at Rs. 35.09 lakh and Rs. 37.37 lakh (ex-showroom). The 4X4 diesel MT and 4X4 diesel AT variants have witnessed a price increase of Rs. 39,000 respectively – Rs. 38.93 lakh and Rs. 41.22 lakh (ex-showroom) at present. Moving up the order, the Legender 4×2 AT and 4X4 AT alongside the GR Sport 4×4 diesel AT have become Rs. 77,000 costlier.

Toyota Fortuner New Price Price When Facelift Launch Difference
4×2 MT Petrol – Rs. 32.59 L Rs. 29.98 lakh Rs. 2.61 L
4×2 AT Petrol – Rs. 34.18 L Rs. 31.57 lakh Rs. 2.61 L
4×2 MT Diesel – Rs. 35.09 L Rs. 32.48 lakh Rs. 2.61 L
4×2 AT Diesel – Rs. 37.37 L Rs. 34.84 lakh Rs. 2.53 L
4X4 MT Diesel – Rs. 38.93 L Rs. 35.14 lakh Rs. 3.77 L
4×4 AT Diesel – Rs. 41.22 L Rs. 37.43 lakh Rs. 3.79 L
Legender 4X2 AT – Rs. 42.82 L Rs. 37.58 lakh Rs. 5.24 L
Legender 4X4 AT – Rs. 46.54 L   –
GR Sport 4X4 AT – Rs. 50.34 L   –

They are priced at Rs. 42.82 lakh, Rs. 46.54 lakh and Rs. 50.34 lakh (ex-showroom) respectively. Compared to the prices when the facelift was launched, the Legender 4×2’s ex-showroom price is up by Rs. 5.24 lakh while the on-road costs over Rs. 6.25 lakh. Even the entry-level Fortuner’s price has become more expensive by Rs. 2.61 lakh in a period of just over a year and a half.

The regular Toyota Fortuner 4X4 AT diesel had cost Rs. 37.43 lakh back then and it is now priced at Rs. 41.22 lakh (ex-showroom) – Rs. 3.79 lakh costlier and the on-road price will be higher as well. We have given you a price table comparing the prices of the Fortuner when the facelift was launched in January 2021 with the new October 2022 prices.

toyota fortuner-1

The new generation Toyota Fortuner is currently in the works and is expected to make its world premiere in the near future with a diesel hybrid powertrain and a host of other enhancements inside and out. Only a few days ago, the full price list of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder was revealed and is priced competitively against rivals.

The Innova Crysta’s prices are up by Rs. 23,000 (Rs. 17.45-26.77L) while the Camry Hybrid (Rs. 45.25L) and Vellfire (Rs. 94.45L) have seen a hike of Rs. 90,000 and Rs. 1.85 lakh respectively.