Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Alturas Feb 2020 Sales Comparison

15 Advantages Flagship Mahindra Alturas Has Over Toyota Fortuner

With a sale of 1,150 units, the Toyota Fortuner remains at the top of the sales chart, while the Ford Endeavour continues to be at the second position with a sale of 555 units

With the entire market affected by a prolonged sales slowdown for a large part of last year, most car companies have reported a substantial de-growth. Things, however, look slightly better this year. Still, the market is yet to recover from the sales slump and like many other segments, even the large SUV market has witnessed a lower sale in February 2020 than in the second month of last year. Here’s a detailed analysis.

1) Toyota Fortuner

With a sale of 1,150 units, the Toyota Fortuner remains at the top of the sales chart of its segment. However, in spite of pretty high demand, especially in comparison with that of the competition, the renowned SUV saw a decline of 13 per cent from 1,738 units sold in February 2019.

2) Ford Endeavour

Recently, the Ford Endeavour received a huge update in the form of a BSVI 2.0-litre diesel engine that comes mated to the world’s first 10-speed automatic transmission. While we are yet to see the effect of the introduction of the new engine in the popularity of the butch SUV, last month, total 555 units of the Endy were sold. This is a pretty substantial 35 per cent fall from 848 units sold in February 2019.


3) Mahindra Alturas

The Mahindra Alturas has taken the biggest hit with a drop of a whopping 91 per cent. However, this could be owing to the suspension of production before the BSVI update rolls in later this month. In February 2020, only 38 units of the rebadged Ssangyong Rexton G4 were dispatched to the dealerships, which is a huge drop from 430 units in February 2019.

Model Feb 2020 Feb 2019
Toyota Fortuner 1,150 1,738
Ford Endeavour 555 848
Skoda Kodiaq 176 158
Mahindra Alturas 38 430
Honda CR-V 25 59

4) Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq And Superb Corporate Editions Launched In India 2

Last month, the Skoda Kodiaq found a total of 176 buyers. This is an 11 per cent growth from 158 units sold in the second month of last year. In spite of the increment, demand for this premium SUV remains low as buyers tend to favour traditional ladder-frame models like the Toyota Fortuner and Endeavour.

5) Honda CR-V

Last month, only 25 units of the Honda CR-V were sold, which translates into a huge 58 per cent drop from 59 units sold in February 2019. As is the case with the Skoda Kodiaq, even the Honda CR-V suffers from a low demand for high-end SUVs and crossovers with a monocoque construction.