Toyota’s Unique Fine Comfort Ride Concept Uncovered In Tokyo


Toyota Fine Comfort Ride previews a futuristic MPV; powered by a 400 bhp fuel cell powertrain offering 965 km range

Toyota showcased some really attractive and unique concepts at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and one of them is the Fine Comfort Ride concept that previews a futuristic MPV. What’s more interesting is that, this is powered by a very powerful hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that enables it to run a whopping 965 km range.

Speaking about the design of the Toyota Fine Comfort Ride concept, it blends futuristic design with conventional approach. Up front, there are sharp delta shaped LED headlamps and the blue trims around it probably indicate towards its environment friendly character. A large black hexagonal front grille is there. Instead of a conventional front bumper the concept carries a sculpted bumper with carbon fibre element that surely enhances its uniqueness.


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Moving to the side profile of the Toyota Fine Comfort Ride concept, it boasts flared fenders, large bold looking wheels. There are no conventional wing mirrors or door handles. Also, the wide glass area gives it a large canopy like appearance. The lower body gets a rounded off look with black part that enhances gives it a vessel like stance.

The rear passenger doors opens as sliding to the back and this way it ensures maximum space for entering and coming out of the cabin. Moving to the back of the concept, it gets delta shaped LED taillights. The roofline is sloping towards the back and there is a sculpted rear bumper as well with carbon fibre trim. However, the production model is expected to come donning more conventional look.


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As the name suggests, the concept model has been designed ensuring maximum comfort and space for the occupants. It gets four revolving seats wrapped with plush leather and armrests. There is no conventional steering wheel, but the concept model gets a sporty steering with a large digital display flanked by twin grab bars. Also, there is a wide digital display at the dashboard. Clearly, this would come with an automatic gearbox, as it only boasts two pedals. It also features LED ambient lighting.

Wait, the amusement doesn’t end here. The windows work as large digital display for the occupants showing various informations. Also, the concept focuses on safety of the occupants as well as for the pedestrians as well. It appears to be equipped with infrared sensor that makes a person or any object’s presence visible at the front footwell. Power source for the concept is a 400 bhp hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that clearly indicates how Toyota is emphasising on alternate energy source options.

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