Toyota Concept-i Breaks Cover at CES 2017 with Artificial Intelligence

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i is an unique futuristic autonomous electric car concept incorporating Yui artificial intelligence system

Toyota is certainly one of the leading automakers around the world working on futuristic mobility solutions. Apart from manufacturing cars, the Japanese brand is also known for researching and developing new automotive technologies. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, a futuristic autonomous all-electric concept called Toyota Concept-i has been revealed.

The Toyota Concept-i comes with a perfectly round pod-shaped design. The styling of this concept car is certainly eye catching. In fact, Toyota’s design studio has walked out from comfort zone while designing this concept model. The Concept-i comes with integrated LED headlamps, gullwing doors, wide glass area and nicely curved roofline. Despite being equipped with an outrageous styling, the signature Toyota design language is also visible.


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Being a fully electric powered, the concept car doesn’t sport a conventional front grille. But the edges of the front fascia come with clear Toyota-design element. As it seems, while designing this model, Toyota has emphasized on the comfort and spaciousness for the occupants.

But wait, the design is not what Concept-i should be known for. But the way it interacts with occupants is the most intriguing part of the car. It incorporates a built-in artificial intelligence system called Yui. Once you enter the car, Yui will greet you with a pulsing circle on the centre console which rises up to meet your hand, as if you two are shaking hands. After that the AI moves around the interior at whim, as if it tries to know you.


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According to Toyota, the Yui will provide exceptional experience for the occupants. In short, it will provide you a tailor-made travelling experience in the vehicle. No wonder, in a time when many automakers around the world are trying to find a futuristic smart vehicle solution, this Concept-i increases our hope.

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